Classic-era Data-Tribe archer, from cover art of "Burial Mound of the Data-Tribe" DVD.

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The Data-Tribe are among the Sheriff's most enduring foes.They were introduced during the episodes of the Second Sheriff ("The Eleventh Planet"), and have been present in the most recent episodes ("The Tribe of Dreams").

They were created by the advanced civilization pre-Columbian Aztecs, and are spacefaring warrior robots who seek to add all beings (robot, flesh, and cyborg) to their tribe.


Members of the Data-Tribe appear as robotic and stereotypical Native American "warriors", with antennas or blades where a stereotypical human figure might have feathers. They are usually armed with a bow-and-arrow, but sometimes have spears or swords.

In recent years, due to awareness of Native American stereotypes, the depiction of the Data-Tribe has toned down the pseudo-feathers, and they come across a lot less like "robot Indians", while at the same time some more authentic aspects of Native American culture have been introduced, instead of just having them as mindless savage killer robots.

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